Majesty Modeling is the Professional Model Experience Party of a lifetime! We provide party entertainment, model training, and confidence building fun for girls and  boys ages 4-13. We ensure that they are cherished, loved, and treated like royalty! They learn classic runway walks and poses the camera will love!

As the birthday girl or boy shares with friends, they will exude confidence and open minded creativity that will pour into other areas of their life!​


To encourage, inspire, and shift the mindset of people through a true model experience delivered in a party for your little girl or boy. 

Words have power and Majesty matches the words with the experience to expose the beautiful light within.

"They were created to be royalty so it's our goal to help them live it." 

~Brickell French

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I'm Brickell French, published runway & print model, Model Coach and C.E.O. of Majesty Modeling LLC. 


I have walked in fashion shows in Virginia, Washington DC, and New York.  I've also been published twice in Xtreme Hair Magazine, Shuba Magazine etc, and was a feature model for The Vogue Experience Party in the fall of 2019. Lastly, I've had the pleasure of being a children's summer camp instructor.

Now that the credentials are out of the way....

Here's why I do what I do.


I was very shy and sheltered growing up and I didn't know myself. Being raised in a single parent home and dealing with major health issues, I had no clue what talents I held inside.  For me, being able to model is my gift, especially after doctors had doubts of my future mobility. With having a passion that drives deeper than just modeling, I am able to sow love, positivity, and priceless values into the lives of everyone I work with. Through Majesty Modeling I inspire, encourage, educate, and shift mindsets to expose the light and purpose in everyone. 

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